The Humanity of the Streets

It has been said that “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life.” –  Oscar Wilde. This I leave to be debated, but I do know that art has the ability to breed reflection.

So as I gaze, at the human skull and eye, I ponder. These spray painted images that are drenched in symbolism remind me of their ties to morbidity, revelations, biology, life, realism, mysticism, and ritualism. Their artistic expression of our anatomy plays upon humanity as humanity in turn influences their creation. And so the painted skulls and eyes not only draw a remembrance to life they also add to the life of the streets.



feb 2016stephy55S 080



skull 2.jpg

feb 2016stephy55S 077.JPG

7AE1F01D-4541-42F6-8B46-D430C56A52BC (1).JPG


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