Glare (and Cloud) …

I really love the concept of free art and think it’s such a gift to be able to have the opportunity to view artists’ and writers’ works whenever and wherever.

Over these past two years since I started paying attention to graffiti/street art, I’ve started to follow certain writers’/artists’ work. I get excited every time I find another piece to add to the collection. Of course, it’s always a gamble if I’ll be able to find a piece of work before it gets erased from the streets, so I’m always on the lookout wherever I go.

GLARE is a writer who I’ve been following for awhile now. Glare’s work has shown up on a wide variety of canvases in Toronto. I hope to one day be able to talk to Glare and find out what Glare’s motivations, artistic aspirations, and spray painting techniques are. I’d also want to ask GLARE what Glare’s relationship with CLOUD is and find out if GH has anything to do with GLARE.

When I chase a writer’s work I start to feel as if I’m actually stepping in the writer’s footsteps. With each photo that I take, I learn a little more and I crave to know even more about this underground culture.

(look at the top of the beige building: “Glare <3s Cloud”)

(look at the side of the brown and beige building in the middle: “Glare”)


feb 27 026


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