Robot with a Heart

Once upon a time there was a tin man in search of a heart. Now meet Lovebot. This robot with a heart comes in all sizes and is plastered all over Toronto. The hunt is on to find each and every one of the bots with a heart. This is just a mini collection of the different designs of Lovebot – who knows where else Lovebot will roam to next.

feb 27 024.JPG

feb 27 053.JPG

feb2016 198.JPG

feb2016 368.JPG

feb2016 376.JPG

March 3 2016 029

feb 27 042.JPG



march202016 023.JPG

march202016 010.JPG


One thought on “Robot with a Heart

  1. Barbara says:

    There is something really engaging about Lovebot. It’s playful and poignant and invites us to project our own meaning on it. Love how you’ve found these images.


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