The Lovely Faces of TO

When an artist’s work is admired it becomes the goal of the admirer to find all of the pieces in that collection. Growing a collection doesn’t necessarily mean dropping a load of cash on a painting and showing it off on a prized wall. The beauty of street art and graffiti is that they’ve broken from commercialism. Art provided in these two formats doesn’t come with a price tag – dictating its worth – rather it is available to all and can be appreciated at no cost. Thanks to photography a collection can be curated through photos.

Anser is the artist who is drawing faces all over Toronto. This artist’s ever growing collection is worth tracking down. To find out more about the artist behind the lovely faces of Toronto these articles provide a closer look.


feb 27 002.JPG


feb 27 007.JPG

feb 27 022.JPG

feb 27 003.JPG



Not sure if the below face is by the artist Anser…due to the lines not being clean and crisp. However, be it an original or an imitation – it will be presented in order to be answered…

feb2016 343


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